Casinos are places where people can spend their time, money and energy gambling and playing games of chance. There’s something enticing about them – they have flashy decor, upbeat music and plenty of food and drink options. Plus, there’s a thrill in not knowing when luck will strike and you’ll win big or lose it all. But the reason casinos are so attractive isn’t purely by chance. They’ve been carefully designed to take advantage of our psychology and get us to stay longer than we would otherwise.

In the movie Casino, Martin Scorsese brilliantly lays out how casinos manipulate their audience to keep them in the building and gambling as long as possible. From the torture of a man using a vice to the car bomb scene, the violence in the film is over the top, but it’s also completely true to life. Just like in his other films, Scorsese doesn’t use violence for shock value but to show how things really are.

The same is true for casino marketing. Rather than focusing on demographics (which can help), marketers need to think about how to keep casino audiences engaged. This could include creating partnerships with e-sports teams, offering virtual reality or augmented reality to gamers and integrating online components into floor games. And it’s essential to remember that event trends change fast, so don’t just rely on what worked for your competitors five or 10 years ago. Try new strategies that focus on discoverability and reach your target market where they are.