Casino is a world where champagne glasses clink, people mingle and tourists, locals and professionals alike try their luck at blackjack hitting and dice rolling. It’s a place where winning is more than just gambling, and it’s about being part of a buzzing scene.

While most movies and TV shows only show the glamor of Las Vegas, Scorsese’s Casino takes it to another level. It reveals the city’s history with organized crime and explains how casinos have changed this desert town by minting billions.

Casinos are largely reliant on slot machines, which make up 71% of a casino’s revenue. They often customize their machines with themes and personalities to attract certain types of players. Then, they use a variety of advertising and marketing tactics to keep players coming back.

For example, a casino might highlight pictures and videos of lucky winners on its website and social media pages. It might also host a photo booth on the floor so players can take photos and share them online with the hashtag #casinowins.

Because consumers often trust each other more than a brand, it’s important to use word of mouth marketing to promote your casino. Encourage guests to share their experiences with your brand on social media, and post testimonials from happy and successful guests. Similarly, use geo-targeting to deliver content to people who are closest to your casino so you can generate more in-person traffic. This type of location-based marketing can be especially effective when competing against other casinos within walking distance.